The Douro Boys are a multitalented winemaking phenomenon: in the five years since their formation, they have made a worldwide impact and are now considered a major force in promoting the modern face of Douro wine. By stimulating international headlines and positive copy they have captured public imagination within a ruthlessly competitive world of branded giants and cult cuvées. With real personalities and respective passion for indigenous grapes, the Douro Boys have put the fun back into Portuguese wine. Without recourse to caricatured cliché or imported varietals, they have transformed a fortified dinosaur into a modern mixed metaphor of hand-made, distinctive and stunning Quinta wines.


Five great Douro estates joined forces: Quinta do Vale Meão, Quinta do Crasto, Quinta Vale Dona Maria, Quinta do Vallado and Niepoort Vinhos (Nápoles), their combined terroir, heritage and beauty lend a burnished aura to a spectacular marketing success led by Austrian PR diva, Dorli Muhr. In a more sophisticated market, quality and authenticity in the glass will always prevail, the determination of the Douro Boy's to cast old-world perceptions aside, has now forged a new and dynamic image for the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. They are the imaginative engine room of the New Douro movement and though many respected winemakers have already made their own distinctive marks, it is this group of good-humoured pioneers whose impact has been felt the most.




The Douro Boys are now synonymous with all that is good about the Douro valley and this dedicated micro-site provides a unique opportunity to share a little of their style and energy, while learning more about the individuals and their wines.


cuvee_36 QUINTA DO VALE MEÃO This great estate belongs to Francisco ‘Vito' Olazabal - the Godfather of mirth and elegant phrasing and a fine ambassador for the Douro valley. Vito was long time president of the A.A. Ferreira Port wine company and is the direct descendent of Dona Antonia Adelaide Ferreira - queen of the 19th century Douro. His eldest son also Francisco, known as ‘Xito', is the highly skilled winemaker at the distinguished Vale Meao estate near Foz Coa, the original source of grapes for Portugal's legendary Barca Velha.


QUINTA DO CRASTO Jorge Roquette owner of beautiful Quinta do Crasto, on the less accessible eastern bank of the Douro valley, is a man of twinkling generosity and easy grace... his sons, Miguel and Tomas, shoulder much of the workload for this greatly respected Quinta whose wines have gained worldwide success. Miguel is the international face of Crasto marketing and sales, travelling extensively, while Tomas remains anchored to the estate, engineering its management and smooth running.


QUINTA DO VALE DONA MARIA Cristiano van Zeller is larger than life, though not his own mellifluously enunciated vocabulary. As one time proprietor of the great and noble Port wine estate Quinta do Noval, he now stands at the helm of Quinta do Vale Dona Maria and is responsible for a considerable portfolio of very fine wines. Describing himself as a ‘vineyard collector', Cristiano is aided and abetted by the beautiful and distinguished winemaker Sandra Tavares da Silva.


QUINTA DO VALLADO Owned by the Ferreira family, this magnificent estate in the Corgo valley is jointly managed by two great-grandsons of Dona Antonia Adelaide Ferreira: Joao Ferreira Alvares Ribeiro and Francisco Spratley Ferreira, known to his friends as ‘Chico'. Joao and Chico are charmingly disparate characters, whose passion for wine is only matched by their very special sense of humour. In addition to producing award winning fine wines, Quinta do Vallado is an elegant country hotel where wine enthusiasts can experience authentic Douro cuisine.


NIEPOORT - QUINTA DE NÁPOLES AND QUINTA DO CARRIL Dirk van der Niepoort should be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and commemorated for helping reinvent this magnificent valley. His family name has been synonymous with winemaking integrity since 1842 and after acquiring Quinta de Nápoles in 1987 he has transformed the estate into a focal point for those who value D.O.C. progress and modernity, without sacrificing Douro Port wine tradition. Being open-minded, embracing the future and valuing the noble past, is surely the key to Dirk van der Niepoort's success.


DORLI MUHR - WINE AND PARTNERS Dorli Muhr is the dynamic and inspirational force who handles all of the promotion and PR for the Douro Boys. Her Vienna based company - Wine and Partners, has helped professionalize the marketing activities of this charismatic Portuguese group. As the boys readily acknowledge, it is Dorli who has worked tirelessly to establish their growing phenomenon and permitted them to concentrate on what they do best - making expressive Douro wines of world class quality.


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