A GOOD NOSE is a modern image and literary resource for the best in contemporary food and wine. This continually expanding web portal presents a new generation of exciting chefs and winemakers alongside established Michelin names and legendary vineyards. Each dedicated micro-site provides a finely crafted perspective through words and pictures. We will be adding new content on a regular basis, including illustrated features, diaries and paintings.


David Eley is an English writer and artist specialising in food and fine wine: based in the glorious Basque country of South-west France, only 2 hours from the noble vineyards of Bordeaux and Rioja and a short distance from Spain's Michelin starred capital of San Sebastian, a place where food is religion. He writes features for The World of Fine Wine and exhibits his paintings in the West End of London. Spending much of his working year with the greatest chefs and most talented winemakers across Europe and the USA, his privileged access generates a rich vein of material to both inspire and enhance the content of A Good Nose.Com.


The Nose Blog: the weblog of A Good Nose.Com carries comment from both David Eley and guest professionals in the world of gastronomy and fine wine. Please visit and contribute


The Wine Spy reveals exciting new discoveries from across the vinous spectrum, introduced by a network of resident experts in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland and Japan


Micro-sites: as this web portal expands, additional microsites will be added providing in-depth coverage on a broad range of the most exciting subjects in food and wine. The New Douro is the first of these, to be followed by British and Dutch gastronomy, Indian new wave cuisine and of course modern food science.


Gallery: through the immediacy of our online selling gallery, David now shares his work with a much wider audience by offering small paintings and drawings depicting the vineyards, restaurants, chefs and winemakers visited. Unlike a static gallery exhibition, A Good Nose presents an ongoing series of original works and exclusive published editions for food and wine lovers worldwide.

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