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Quinta do Vesuvio: D.O.C. Table Wine Announced

Posted by David Eley on 09-08-2008



Quinta do Vesuvio, owned by Symington Family Estates and famed for its iconic Port wine, is to release a premium D.O.C. table wine in late 2008. This legendary estate has an impeccable Ferreira Port pedigree dating back to the nineteenth century. Since the late 1990's, Vesuvio has been contributing premium grapes to the elegantly styled Chryseia and Post Scriptum, a successful joint venture with Bruno Prats of Cos d'Estournel fame. These two limited production red wines, made by French winemaker Stéphane Point, sell in the manner of a fine Cru Classé via the Bordeaux place. They sit at the apex of an S.F.E. portfolio of red table wines, whose combined annual sales already exceed 2 million Euros. The first large scale foray by Symington into table wine was Altano, a now well established brand whose commercial life began in early 2001.


Symington's Douro hectares under vine now approach nearly 1000 (2,500 acres) and encompass historical brands Warres, Dow's and Graham's. The company have ample modern facilities to handle volume production as well as hand-crafted single estate wines made with indigenous varietals after the classic French model.


Though Symington's core business remains fine Port wines, they see D.O.C. table wines as a very important element in their impressive portfolio. Until January 2008, Symington Family Estates enjoyed a successful partnership with João van Zeller at Quinta de Roriz, another of the Douro's single Quintas with a fabulous reputation. Rupert Symington, a senior director of the family firm, recently declared "when we introduce the new Vesuvio wine we believe it will coexist comfortably with Chryseia. Vesuvio is actually a separate company and will stand on its own, like a third leg... along with Altano. We have sorted out production facilities where we can combine our full range of premium wines, without conflict - the decks are clear for producing a great Vesuvio"


This exciting development has made it possible for A Good Nose.Com to build an illustrated micro-site dedicated to the Vesuvio D.O.C. wine, within our New Douro section. The first illustrated material on the birth of Quinta do Vesuvio D.O.C. will launch later this summer and I am delighted to confirm we will have a full harvest report and Vesuvio ‘vindima gallery' online in October. A Good Nose is extremely fortunate to have this privileged access - to receive further news of this historic development in the Douro, register for our e-Newsletter 'Picture Post'


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