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Posted by David Eley on 15-07-2009



João and Ruy Brito e Cunha above S. José


The first of a two part in-depth profile of the jewel-like Quinta de S. José in Portugal's Douro valley has just been added to our New Douro micro-site.


João Brito e Cunha of Quinta de S. José is making some of the finest wines in northern Portugal. He epitomises all that is best in the new Douro D.O.C. movement and his youthful aspiration, unencumbered by old world baggage or fortified inhibition, permeates every step of S. José's winemaking adventure.


The Brito e Cunha's could not have picked a finer location in the Douro for their delightful wine tourism estate and in the increasingly rarefied atmosphere of international D.O.C. ascendancy, their respective wines, S. José and matched red and white pairing of Ázeo, have drawn critical acclaim within the international press. João Brito e Cunha has made a giant leap, not only of faith in this select slice of noble terroir, but in his ability as a winemaker. His self-confidant approach, strongly bolstered by father Ruy, has paid off with a string of well-crafted, complex wines. The most recent vintages of S. José and Ázeo have clearly demonstrated thoroughbred potential. Only time will tell, but the 2005 S. José red and 2007 Ázeo white offer definitive proof of true Douro quality.


This modestly proportioned estate is gloriously situated hard by the River Douro, comfortably sandwiched between the legendary Quinta de Roriz and the rising star of Frenchman François Lurton's Beira Douro. S. José produces wine of complexity and individual character - all wines are entirely hand-crafted and offer a clear glimpse of Douro authenticity.


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