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Quinta de La Rosa

Posted by David Eley on 24-01-2009



Quinta de La Rosa's venerable adega


The first half of a two-part profile and pictorial essay on Quinta de La Rosa has been added to our New Douro microsite and is now online .


The Bergqvist family have a distinguished Port wine history dating back to 1815 and the past seventeen years have provided an invaluable opportunity to evolve an impressive portfolio of stunning table wines to rival any in the Douro valley of northern Portugal. A combination of determined effort, fastidious attention to detail and great winemaking skill have placed Quinta de La Rosa at the pinnacle of Portuguese winemaking.


Since 2002 Jorge Moreira has been in charge of making La Rosa's wines; this quiet man of the Douro, whose own star wine ‘Poeira' has gained many international plaudits, shed new light on a noble and precipitous terroir. Before Jorge, the wines of La Rosa were very good indeed, though, to paraphrase comedic genius Eric Morecambe, ‘the estate had all the right notes but they were not necessarily being played in the right order.' Since joining forces with the Bergqvist family, Jorge Moreira has lent a considered and thoughtful approach to their winemaking; by combining subtle expression with a liquid refinement, his intelligent bottles offer an authentic snapshot of La Rosa's great terroir and micro-climate. Moreira is a man of understatement and comprehends how to create wines that sit comfortably on the dining table. He discards the obvious and blousy for the balanced and harmonious - wines which will age and are designed for food... not showmanship and the tasting arena.


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